My best wishes to you for your new chapter of life. You’ll be missed. Goodbye!

I have always admired you and will always be for what you are. Best wishes!

You have always done a great job for the company. Your dedication will always be a prime example for others.

Animated Goodbye2

Your hard works will always inspire those who worked with you. It will be difficult to find a replacement for you! Goodbye and good luck!

Goodbye to one of the workaholic employees of our team. Your dedication and enthusiasm inspire others. Best of luck with your new beginning.


Today I want to thank you for your valuable service to our company. This company will never forget your contribution. May all your wishes come true. Goodbye!

You’re such a gem. No one can replace you in this organization. Saying goodbye to you isn’t easy. Our team will always remember you. Goodbye!


Our company will miss one of the efficient employees. Your work and dedication will keep motivating the other employees. Goodbye and congratulations on your new job.

I want to thank you for all the milestones you helped this company to achieve. You are the best there was and there will be.

Animated Goodbye12

You have not only contributed personally but also inspired others to make a difference. This company will always remember you as a great employee!

Thank you for adding more values to the company and helping to shape it in a better way. Nothing but all the best wishes for your future.


The fact that for tomorrow you won’t be available at your desk is making me sad. I hope you achieve more great things in your future and be more successful.

It’ll be really hard for us to not seeing you around after all these years. Thanks for being with the company through its ups and downs. Goodbye and all the best.


You’re one of the best people I’ve ever met. Best of luck for new life!

No matter where you go, stay in touch always. Take care and goodbye!

Byebyeglit 2t63ualkoks4

NO matter where you go and whatever you do, my heart and success will find you always.

I can not believe that you are leaving us. Let’s stay in touch forever. Best wishes for the future.


Saying goodbye is a part of our life and let’s not be sad about this. Rather let’s treasure all the good memories and look forward to the beautiful future. Take care of yourself!

A true friend like you is a precious gift for life. My heart is weeping today knowing that you’ll not be here with me anymore. Have a blessed new life!

Glitter Goodbye2

You are always there for me whenever I needed you and now you are going away from me without giving me the chance to return the favor.

Goodbye friend. I will miss you. Best wishes from my heart for your new adventure.

Glitter Goodbye4

My heart cannot say goodbye though I am saying it to you for now. Dear friend. Hope we meet soon with the same enthusiasm and love.

You are a true friend and a precious possession in my life. My heart tears apart to say goodbye to you,
but it is happy for a new beginning of your life. Best Wishes.

Glitter Goodbye6

Today, we may be taking different roads but deep in my heart, I know that these roads will cross again. Till then, goodbye!

Sometimes we have to let go of the ones we love the most. Although it hurts, we know that it’s all for the best. Take care, my friend.

Bye Bye Take Care Always Glitter

We have many good memories with each other. it doesn’t matter where we are, we’ll always feel close to each other thinking about those memories! Goodbye!

You are going far away from me. But I know it’s just a matter of time when we’ll meet once again. Our friendship will only become stronger by then!

Animated Goodbye4

Dear, hope you achieve new heights and good things in the upcoming days. Wishing for a bright future with lots of positivity for you, take care of yourself.

You have been a good companion and a great admirer. Thank you for all your support and encouragement. You are someone I treasure so much so please keep in touch!

Animated Goodbye9

Success will find you no matter where you go and what you do. As you leave us today just know that my heart will always find you in it!

Saying goodbye is sometimes a part of life. But our memories will always speak for our true friendship wherever we go.

Animated Goodbye7

I’m wishing everything best for you because that is exactly what you deserve! Goodbye! We will meet again, soon. Take care of yourself!

You are leaving a ton of memories with us today. You’ll be missed by each and every one of us. Have a great journey to your newest destination!

Animated Goodbye Image 0051

It doesn’t matter if you’re with us or not, your works will always inspire each and every person in this office. Wish you all the best!

You’re the kind of employee any boss would like to have in their office. It’s no wonder you’re going to a bigger place. Wish you all the best!

Bye Bye

We feel lucky to have worked under your supervision. Your guidance will be missed every day by each one of us.

Thank you for being an amazing person! Your direction will be remembered fondly consistently without any doubts. Goodbye!

Bye For Now Wishes Image

I hate saying goodbye to you, my dear. I will always cherish all our good old days and beautiful memories. I hope you know that this isn’t the end, we will stay strong forever.

May God bless you with fulfilling your dreams and make this world a better place. Hope you will always stay true to yourself and make everyone proud! Adios!

Glitter Goodbye8

It was a great experience to get associated with you! Good luck for your bright future. May you get blessed with a bright future! Don’t forget me in the long run, I’d love to stay in contact with you!

May your future be brilliant and prosperous and may you keep on making new companions. Goodbye! Best of luck for the future.

Glitter Goodbye3

Thank you for all your advice; I will always keep them in my mind! It was a great pleasure to encounter you in this lifetime. Hope we will meet again, someday!

Thank you for all your help and kindness; I will never forget how you comforted me on my vulnerable days! I hope you know this isn’t actually goodbye, but I will miss you around here.

Glitter Goodbye5

No matter where you go, we will always be connected in our hearts. My heartiest good wishes will be with you always.

You are not only a great teacher but also a great human being. There are so many things that we have learned from you!

Glitter Goodbye10

I have learned so many things from you. We shared some really wonderful moments together as colleagues. Thank you for everything!

Bidding you goodbye is one of the toughest jobs, but we are very happy about the new opportunities you are getting. You deserve all the best things.

Glitter Good Bye Gifs2

You have always been a great companion for the journey. Saying goodbye to a companion like you is hard for me. Wish you all the best for your new life!

It’s tough to say goodbye to you. Your memories will keep you alive.

Animated Goodbye11

It was a great experience working with you. Thank you for everything. Goodbye!

You have been a blessing in my life and nothing will be the same without you anymore, dear friend! Goodbye and best wishes for you!

Boy Say Good Bye Wishes Image

I will always cherish all those moments we spent together, all those laughter we shared, all those stories we told.

You have not just been a friend to me, you have been a family, a home, a shoulder to cry on. I’ll miss you! Goodbye and good luck!

Glitter Good Bye Gifs4

Adios, friend! We may not meet every day, but you will always be in my thoughts!

I will force myself to say the word goodbye, but my heart will never mean it. Goodbye.

Glitter Good Bye Gifs6

I never thought saying goodbye would hurt this much. Be safe wherever you go. Goodbye dear friend!

You’re leaving with some beautiful bunch of memories. Best of luck for your future.

Glitter See Yaa2

Having a friend like you in the workplace is a gift. I have always admired you for what you are. Saying goodbye is one difficult part today!

Go ahead and find your glory. But never forget the ones you shared the journey with. Wishing you good luck for the new life!

Glitter See Yaa4

Its not a time to weep. It’s time to fill your heart with new hopes for the new life. We’ll always be in touch no matter where we are!

Thank you for teaching me many things in the long run. I want to keep all these good memories in my heart and look forward! Goodbye.

Glitter See Yaa1

We learned a lot from you, and our heart will miss you to the moon and back.

Thank you for being the best companion on the journey. I will miss you, best of luck, dear.

Good Bye I Need A Break

I hate goodbyes, so let’s not say it! I hope you always remember that you have a supportive friend here, doesn’t matter wherever you go! See you later, dear!

Hope you miss me like I will miss you around here. I’m pretty sure most of my mental breakdowns will miss being comforted by you! Take care of yourself.

Golden Good Bye Graphic

Thank you for taking care of us and making us feel safe around you! We will miss you so much, please keep in touch!

Most of the things in life aren’t real headaches! A degree is a degree, a job is a job and diligent work is diligent work – as basic and immediate as it tends to be.

Good Bye2

Thank you for not putting up your studies for tomorrow! You have been such a good student. I feel glad that I was your mentor for a time being! Good luck for the future, dear.

Thank you for giving not just your best shot but the best shot anyone could have gave! You make me so proud! Thank you for studying this hard! Best of luck for your future.

Good Bye3

We believe that the instructions we provided would help you in your future studies. Good luck for your higher studies and hope you keep on accomplishing greatness!

My heart cannot afford to say goodbye to you, so it is keeping you inside instead.Thank you for everything you have done for me.

Glitter See Yaa5

You were there when I was going through the most crucial part of my life. Thank you for being there for me.

Thanks for being an incredible part of my life. I am looking forward to meeting you once again in this journey of life.

Bye Bye Rose Glitter Image

I do not know how to thank you for all the good memories you shared with me. You will always be missed no matter how far apart we are!

I feel really lucky to have met you is such a crucial part of my life. You are leaving a profound impact on my life. Thank you and Goodbye!

Animated Goodbye8

It’s a wonderful journey that we shared with each other. Yet, it’s the same journey that is taking us away from each other. I just want to say thank you for all the good moments!

Life will go on with or without you here. But the good times together will be missed dearly. I wish you all the best for the new life abroad.

Animated Goodbye10

Years may pass until we see each other again, but I will always cherish each of our shared moments.

If you ever feel alone amidst the new land and people, remember that I’m always by your side.

Animated Goodbye6

We have been good friends for quite a long time now. It will difficult for me to spend my days here without you. Have a safe journey dear friend!

Even if we’re not together anymore, I wish you happiness in your life ahead. Goodbye!

Animated Goodbye3

This is my last message to you. To the woman I had given my heart, it still beats for you!

We might not be in each other’s lives anymore, but I’ll forever cherish our sweet moments. You had made me happy like nobody else, and I’ll miss you!

Animated Goodbye1

The most painful thing in this world is to say goodbye to the one that means the world to you. I never thought I would ever have to go through this pain.

I couldn’t find words to make you understand how much pain I’m feeling right now. You were everything to me and now I have nothing!

Animated Goodbye13

We have reached the end of our journey, but I will never forget you.

No matter where you go, no matter where you are – always remember that there is this girl who is waiting for you to come back and take her into your arms. Goodbye.


Your memories will keep me alive, and it is tough for me to say goodbye. Take care.

Someday you’ll realize the pain of distance, someday you’ll realize the worth of togetherness. Hope you do well in whatever path you choose ahead, that’s my blessing!! Goodbye.

Good Bye5

Don’t feel sorry for me as you leave. My life will be just the same – dreaming about the day we can be together forever. I love you, goodbye.

It’s not easy for me to say goodbye. But I’ll always be there for you whenever you need me.

Glitter See Yaa10

I’ll forever keep you in the core of my heart. I hope the best for your future.

Good Bye7


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